I am Franck

Designer, communication and advertising lover with experience in branding and Digital Marketing, specialized in different areas of graphic and digital design .

About me

The love for art and design has driven me to develop in different branches such as illustration, 2D and 3D design, web design (front end), and animation. Now a days I'm keeping improving and learning every day the art of graphic design

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My services

Graphic Design

Illustration, 3D design, 2D animation, web design, advertising design, Corporate design, UX/UI.

Edition and production

video edition and motion graphics for audiovisual content or social media.


creation, management and brand building based on concepts of digital marketing and graphic design.

My Skills

Experience and creative skills.

Through my professional development, I have been following a path of empirical and theoretical training, having the opportunity to work in advertising agencies and be able to develop my own projects.

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Adobe Family 80%
3D 60%
HTML 80%
CSS 60%
JS 30%


Other skills

During my personal and professional training, I have developed soft skills such as; emotional intelligence, leadership, communication and empathy skills, allowing me to understand and manage my own situation and those related to other people .

Contact me

Adress and contact

+51 948756752

Franck Rodriguez
Lima, PerĂº
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